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Motorhappy – SA’s Ultimate Roadtrip

Motorhappy is a B to C client, that sells Motor plans and car maintenance packages directly to clients, via their online platforms.

We needed a campaign that would essentially drive leads for the brand.

We asked ourselves, what is the one thing all South Africans love to do with their vehicles? How do we create brand love for a very functional brand experience? The answer was simple.

By co-creating South Africa’s Ultimate Roadtrip with all South Africans, we could generate leads and incentivise them with the chance to win and drive the route for themselves.

UX and UI

Because we were asking people to vote for their favourite South African spots and submit them together with their details, we needed to make sure that the user experience was seamless and rewarding. The solution was a well designed user journey where we used Google API to allow people to simply search their favourite location, select an image from google’s gallery or select their own and submit their vote.

Making sure the journey worked seamlessly across devices was a given.

We used both Adobe XD and InVision for the design.

Driving people to our page with video

We used drone footage and social media content creators to film a journey through SA, depicting the Ultimate road trip and then invited people to vote.

Visitors to the site could track the most voted for places and watch as the map around SA created itself, based on top voted spots.


Not only did The Ultimate Roadtrip site create a rich source of lead generation for Motorhappy, but The Ultimate Roadtrip website, has become one of South Africa’s most important roadtrip-planning tools. Now in its third year, the Ultimate Journey website has collected 3210+ destination suggestions and 85100+ votes.​

This piece of work was done in partnership with Tiltshift.

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